Car loan, mortgage in Budapest and surrounding

Complete vehicle loan (car loan, motor loan, truck loan, etc.) and real estate loan (mortgage, home loan, etc.) administration is available in all districts of Budapest thanks to our mobile bank service and efficient electronic administration.

They will take the loan agreement home


If you are a resident of Budapest, you only need to stay in our office when absolutely necessary. And in the case of car loans, you may not even have to move: at the request of our colleagues, they will take the loan agreement home.

Why is this good? At times, public transport in Budapest shows a rather chaotic picture, and traveling from one part of the city to another can be disproportionate to the distance traveled by car, and the traffic jams make it difficult.

While our credit bureaucrats will free you from the hassle of paperwork


This is why our Mobile Banking service will take a heavy toll on your shoulders, while our credit bureaucrats will free you from the hassle of paperwork so that you have the time to study the details of your loan agreement: overall, you’ll spend much less time borrowing. Of course, if you are a resident of Budapest or the surrounding area and are dedicated to personal administration, you can always get tired of our office.

Here are our online credit calculators that help you get an immediate idea of ​​the monthly installment of your prospective loan, whether it’s a car loan, a motor loan, or a mortgage loan, such as a mortgage or home loan.

Loan and leasing consultancy in Budapest and its surroundings


If you need financial advice or borrowing, please do not hesitate to ask our colleagues for help. There is no obligation to fill out the loan application form, and of course you can cancel the transaction at any time. Most of our credits are also available to BAR listers, for details, see this menu item.

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