Mobile loan – the loan you can take anywhere

It can be difficult to borrow money down the bank as they often require to see budgets, just as they want to know what it is you need to spend your money on. If you do not want to go the boring and hard way, you have the option of taking a sms loan.

Easier than the old and more traditional way of getting a loan


First of all, there is no bank advisor, so you do not have to be responsible for anyone besides yourself.
Although the loan is actually called a mobile loan, you still need a computer to approve the loan.

You can also choose to apply for the loan through a computer, and if you choose to do so, you should know that it is no harder to do it through a computer than a mobile.
When applying, be aware that you must have access to SKAT, NemID and your online bank.

Fill out the application form and get your mobile loan


Once you have decided that the place you have been looking for should be the place where you are applying for a loan, open their application form. Here you will have the opportunity to give the company a lot of information about who you are, why you need the loan, what income you have and more.

Depending on which company you apply for, you have to fill it all out, while others just want your annual income.
Most companies have automated this process, and you will get answers within minutes. However, in some places it may take up to an hour or a few days before you know if you are approved.

If you apply through your mobile


You will be sent a code to your mobile which you will need to approve the application. This is to avoid people choosing to abuse other tracks, just as it is to confirm that you are who you are claiming.
To be able to get a sms loan requires that you trust that the company you are going to borrow from does not abuse your information. Typically, they will require you to upload a photo of yourself so that they have something that you can submit to the police if you do something illegal or choose not to pay the money back.

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