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How many times have I heard friends and family say, ” I need money “, “I need a loan”! Then they begin to explain that complicated situation they are going through. Strong emotions, bad experiences, worse decisions and a lot of complicated circumstances are combined. The conversation ends in trying to ask me for money in the best way.

I, who live up to date and cannot afford to be lending express, try to give my advice and my point of view and explain that I really cannot lend them money at that time. I also recommend Astro Finance online loans that are perfect for those situations.

Let’s analyze the situation a bit. I really don’t have money and why can’t I lend money to my family member or friend? Am I a bad person, greedy, who does not want to release the few weights I have in the bag? Or is it that I am simply in a situation as difficult as theirs?

Surely the answer to all those questions is “NO.” When someone comes to me and says ” I need money ” the first thing I think is: there are a lot of professional institutions with many resources that can meet the call to that painful phrase ” I need money. “If there are all those companies, why do you teach yourself to get in trouble with me? Better go to Astro Finance and ask for all the money you need, they are professionals and they are dedicated to that.

I need money now: emergency cash

It is not fair for anyone to put it in such a difficult situation where 2 things can happen:

1) You squeeze your wallet a little and lend a hand; today for you tomorrow for me.

2) You are very embarrassed that you cannot help him with money at that time, but that he can count on you for anything else.

None of the 2 solutions are so good. So when someone comes to you saying ” I need money ” you can answer what I say: “Look, at this moment I can not lend you because I do not have so much money, but I recommend https://purplepaydayloans.com/loans-online/i-need-money-now/ that can lend you emergency cash by doing a 10-minute online application and a 5-minute phone call. The money will arrive on the same day. ”

That way you don’t decapitalize yourself and keep helping your friend or family member. Why put so many years of friendship at risk for a few pesos? Better that professionals take care of credit issues.

What to do when that ” I need money ” comes out of me?

Because of what we just mentioned, I hope your first reaction is not to go and say ” I need money ” to the first family member or friend you meet on the street. We already saw that that does not work so well.

Better say ” I need money ” to us at Astro Finance and send us a credit application. It will take you 10 minutes to complete the online application; Then we will make a brief call to confirm some information. In a matter of minutes, you will have the money in your account so you can use the money in the way you see fit.

So you know, say “ I need money ” to the right institution and don’t involve family or friends in a sensitive issue like credit. I assure you that you will save many problems and you will be able to fix your affairs more efficiently.

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